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We protect Texas rivers.

Texas Rivers Protection Association has been protecting the flow, water quality and beauty of Texas rivers since 1989.

Lower Canyons of the Rio Grande

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TRPA Board of Directors Candidates

See below for the candidate profiles for TRPA Board of Directors Check your inbox or mailbox for a ballot to vote for 12 of the 15 candidates running for the Board to govern the TRPA. Grace Arianoutsos (Dallas) joined the

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Texas River Blog

TRPA Spring Newsletter 2024

It is election time!  Under the new by-laws, members will be electing 12 board members for the Texas Rivers Protection Association.  Then, at the the annual meeting on March 3, those 12 folks will elect the officers who will serve

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Vote Action
Texas River Blog

TRPA Board of Directors Election

Since this is the first year under the new bylaws, all twelve board of directors members will be elected. Starting in 2025 annual elections will be held for 4 board members who will serve three-year terms. If you have a

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Devils River State Natural Area
Devils River, photo by TRPA member

Our Mission

Texas Rivers Protection Association

Texas rivers have always flowed through the land and lives of the people who depended on them for food, agriculture, recreation and transportation. But now, most of our rivers have been dammed, diverted, polluted, channelized or fenced in. We pledge to protect the flow, water quality and natural beauty of the rivers of Texas.

Get On The Water

Discover Texas Rivers

At TRPA, we believe that the best solutions concerning problems with our streams in Texas often involve citizen education. We’ve seen over and over that experiencing the magic of floating on a river helps people to better understand why we need to protect these rivers for future generations. Of the 23 major river basins of Texas, we are highlighting fifteen favorites and an assortment of coastal paddling trails to choose from. With that, we encourage you to find a Texas river to enjoy, whether it’s exciting whitewater or tranquil quiet water.

These descriptions, maps and paddling trails are intended as a starting point and are not a fully inclusive list of good places to paddle.

Pecos River view from cave
Pecos River, photo by TRPA member

Stay informed of our efforts to keep Texas rivers and streams clean and accessible to all.

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Make a difference.

The members of the Texas Rivers Protection Association are concerned about the quality of our rivers and streams and we invite you to join in our efforts.

Photo by Backroad Packers/Unsplash

"A whole river is mountain country and hill country and flat country and swamp and delta country, is rock bottom and sand bottom and weed bottom and mud bottom, is blue, green, red, clear, brown, wide, narrow, fast, slow, clean, and filthy water, is all the kinds of trees and grasses and all the breeds of animals and birds and man that pertain and have ever pertained to its changing shores..."

John Graves​​, Goodbye to a River​