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Photo by WisdomFromIntrospect – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

San Marcos River, Rio Vista to Spring Lake U-turn (1.2 miles RT)

Rio Vista Falls, photo by TRPA member Paula Sandridge Goynes,

Quick Info

Length1.2 miles (Round trip)
Class (I-VI)I-II
Minimum Flow100 cfs
Ideal Flow150 cfs
Maximum Flow500 cfs
Current River ConditionsUSGS st San Marcos
Put-in mapRio Vista Falls
Take-out mapRio Vista Falls
Boats Canoes, Kayaks, SUP, Tubes
SeasonYear-round, weather/flow permitting
HighlightNo shuttle required!

Recreation & Access

Park in the lot at Rio Vista Park. At about 500 cfs, it may become difficult to paddle upstream. Run the three falls! #1 is the biggest splash.

Conservation & Threats

Overcrowding and litter by careless users. LNT

Historical/Cultural Significance

Coming soon.

Natural Features

Rio Vista Falls are man-made and TRPA is proud to have had a hand in its implementation. But the water is pure and pristine, bubbling up from the bottom of historic Spring Lake.

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