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Rio Vista Swift Water Rescue Training, photo by TRPA member Chuck Babb

River Education

Canoes are unobtrusive; they don’t storm the natural world or ride over it, but drift upon it as part of its own silence.

— John Graves, Goodbye to a River

Safe Boating

Sustainability and Conservation

Continuing Education

Water Conservation and Wastewater Management

  • Wastewater Basics by David Price, P.E.
  • So, How Much Do You Want to Know About Sewage Treatment?
  • Resources for Engineers and Developers
  • Resources for Landowners

Intern Program

Under construction. Would you like to work with Texas Rivers?


The nature of river recreation is such that injuries sometimes occur in remote areas afar from medical help. We encourage paddlers to learn safety and self-rescue techniques. In paddle sports, there exist an inherent risk of injury and even death. While probability may be low, it is nonetheless a good idea to be prepared so that swift action can be taken to prevent or reduce the extent of injuries and even prevent death. Learn CPR and first aid. Make good decisions while on the water and in camp. Have fun.

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Principal Rivers of Texas
Principal Rivers of Texas

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