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Medina River, Algae mats John Bilderback, R.I.P., photo by TRPA member Bob Brischetto

Pristine Streams Petition

News January 31, 2022

Wastewater is the last thing we need in our last 22 pristine streams!

Clean, clear pristine rivers and streams in Texas support the state’s vibrant tourism and recreation-based economies and contribute known value to the lands that surround them, both public and private.

Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance is asking TCEQ to promulgate a new rule that prohibits wastewater discharge into 22 stream segments where the addition of phosphorus will degrade water quality. These are the last 22 streams in Texas that we have not totally destroyed yet. In streams, phosphorus becomes permanent. This rule will provide much needed clarity for development, will save time and great expense for those who must organize to contest each individual domestic wastewater permit application, and will protect water quality in these unique and fragile, favorite places.

The designated Pristine Stream segments include North Fork Red River, South Fork San Gabriel River, North Fork San Gabriel River, Llano River, Middle Concho / South Concho River, Onion Creek, Barton Creek, Lower Blanco River, Upper Blanco River, Cypress Creek, Johnson Creek, North Fork Guadalupe River, South Fork Guadalupe River, Medina River above Medina Lake, Upper Sabinal River, Upper Nueces River, Upper Frio River, Hondo Creek, Seco Creek, Devils River, Lower Pecos River, San Felipe Creek.

The scheduled hearing is set for March 30. Please follow this link to Edwards Aquifer Alliance to sign the petition and to make a comment to TCEQ before March 30.

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