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Photo: Llano River Watershed Alliance

TCEQ permit application in the works to build a dam on the South Llano River

It’s true. A TCEQ permit application is in the works to build a dam on the South Llano River. It is known as Waterstone. It is a serious threat to the ecological health of the South Llano and TRPA opposes it. If you own property or derive a living from the Llano River, e.g., fishing guides, outdoor guiding, canoe liveries, etc., it is especially important that you file a request for hearing. The centerline of the planned dam is in Edwards County, Zip Code 78880.

Deadline: Saturday, June 11!

Written hearing requests, public comments, or requests for a public meeting should be submitted to the Office of the Chief Clerk, MC 105, TCEQ, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, TX 78711-3087 or electronically at by entering

WRPERM 13524 in the search field. For information concerning the hearing process, please contact the Public Interest Counsel, MC 103, at the same address. Get all the background you need at the Llano River Watershed Alliance

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