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Texas Whitewater DVD

Texas Rivers Protection Association / Hidalgo Falls

Texas Whitewater: The DVD, produced by Ken Wealty and Steve Daniel

Texas Whitewater: The DVD” received its premier at the Hidalgo Falls River Festival, April 2006. Based on footage by Ken Wealty and sixteen other paddler/videographers, the film showcases 33 rivers and creeks in the state and features more than 50 Texas paddlers.

Clips of classics such as Mexican Creek, the Blanco Narrows, Pedernales Falls, the Lower Guadalupe at high water, and Night Ops at San Marcos’ Rio Vista complement segments on Austin favorites like Barton Creek and Dallas-Fort Worth runs such as the Clear Fork of the Trinity, and Denton, White Rock, and Rowlett Creeks. The soundtrack of the 35-minute video combines reggae, heavy metal, boogie woogie, industrial riffs, southern rock, and rhythm and blues to highlight scenes that will surprise a lot of paddlers. The latest version includes two extra short films on high water runs on Mexican Creek and Crabapple Creek. See a 2-minute trailer of the DVD at Texas Whitewater Trailer Youtube.

A $1.00 fee is added for postage and transaction fees. All proceeds benefit Hidalgo Falls. For tax purposes, the value of the DVD is $10.00.

Texas Whitewater DVD

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