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Photo: The Wittliff Collections at Texas State University

Come Explore Texas Rivers… with the state’s greatest writers.

The new literary anthology in the Wittliff’s Book Series: Viva Texas Rivers! Adventures, Misadventures, and Glimpses of Nirvana along Our Storied Waterways, is currently featured through an exhibition at The Wittliff Collection, Texas State University San Marcos on view through June 30th.

Viva Texas Rivers! showcases many classic writings along with brand-new essays written for this volume. The literary nonfiction is complemented by flashes of poetry that brilliantly reflect these curving ribbons of light.

The exhibit features 58 of the writers who have contributed to the book, showcasing historical artifacts from river trips along with manuscripts, magazines, quotes, and pages from Viva Texas Rivers! Several writers have contributed video readings, which play on a continuous loop in the exhibition space.

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