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Galveston County / Bolivar Peninsula Wastewater Permit Unanimously Denied

Good News! Texas Rivers Protection Association (TRPA) was instrumental in November with personal testimony by TRPA President David Price before the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, regarding Galveston County’s petition to weaken regulations for onsite sewage facilities (OSSF).

This petition would have allowed weakening existing regulations for OSSFs on the Bolivar Peninsula, which would impact water quality in the Bay and Gulf. This is similar to state-wide issues of outdated OSSF regulations.

Galveston County – and specifically the Bolivar Peninsula – have many apparent issues with the sewage collection and treatment provider – and were seeking alternatives since there are apparently enforcement issues with the regulated provider. The provider was fined by TCEQ in 2020 for permit violations. Similar issues are apparently continuing to occur.

The Commissioners carefully considered the information given, and unanimously voted against the proposal.

TRPA President, David Price PE is also a Board Member of the Texas Onsite Wastewater Association, and got a unanimous resolution passed by TXOWA to speak against this. Other TXOWA members are regulators, and one of them provided crucial information and testimony to the Commissioners (Trinity River Authority). TXOWA Executive Director Randy Chelette made in-person testimony in behalf of the TXOWA Board to recommend denial of the petition.

TRPA is also part of the Pristine Streams coalition, as well as the No Dumping Sewage Coalition. All of these groups provided crucial testimony and data in support of denying this petition.

TRPA, No Dumping Sewage, Save Our Springs Alliance, TXOWA, Hill Country Alliance / Pristine Streams and others worked on making this happen.

TRPA offered assistance to County Commissioner Guisti and Zach Davidson, to assist with resolving the issues with apparent lack of enforcement against the Operator (Undine Environmental).

If anyone has photos of pooling sewage, broken pipes, blockages or system backups, please send to

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