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TRPA By-Laws Updated

Several Board members and members at large met over the course of the spring and summer to modernize the TRPA By-Laws. Essential changes are highlighted below. You will receive an email in the coming weeks with the By-law changes requesting your vote of support for the changes. Your response to the vote is appreciated to make sure we are organized in a manner that best achieves the goals of the organization and the membership.

TRPA By-Laws summary impacts:

  • Reduce board members from 15 to 12 participants. This will enable a more manageable size for discussion and driving directional engagement for the Association.
  • Create staggered three (3) year terms on the board. Four (4) positions will come up for election each year.  This will ensure historical knowledge continues while creating opportunities for broader participation on the board from the TRPA membership. 
  • Term limits of two (2) consecutive elected terms. A board member may serve for two (2) consecutive terms before taking a break from the voting Board.  Any former board member may run again after a one (1) year break.    Former Board Members are not precluded from participating in non-voting Advisory committees.
  • Officers of the Board, including President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary, will serve 1-year terms and be determined by the Board at the Annual Meeting.

Article IV Membership

  • The detailed membership levels will be moved to a Membership Policy to be voted on and managed by the Board.

Articles V & VI Consolidated for Clarity

  • Reduce the size of the Board.
  • Establish Advisory board participation.
  • Establish term limits for board members.
  • Defined Director Emeritus role.
  • Allows President and board to set up committees as needed.

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