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Vote YES to Texas Proposition 14

There will be a vote for a constitutional amendment, Proposition 14, in support of Texas state parks this fall. On November 7, 2023, Texans will have the opportunity to go to the polls and vote in favor of Proposition 14 to create the Centennial Parks Conservation Fund. The $1 billion fund will help secure new parks for future generations of Texans to explore and enjoy.

If successful, the amendment will create the Centennial Parks Conservation Fund as a trust fund outside of the state treasury. The fund will be made up of money appropriated, credited, or transferred by the legislature; gifts, grants, and donations received by the Parks and Wildlife Department; and investment earnings. Money appropriated by the state legislature would be excluded from the state’s appropriation limit. Money in the funds would be used to create and improve state parks. Read more about this initiative here.

Ballot will read: The constitutional amendment providing for the creation of the centennial parks conservation fund to be used for the creation and improvement of state parks.

TRPA Supports this amendment with Board members voting ‘YES”. Will you?

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